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About us

Sonovision is an American founded sales/distribution and production company based in Warsaw, Poland.

Through various partnerships in Europe and the United States, Sonovision can provide filmmakers with numerous distribution and film production possibilities. In Poland our company is comprised of three very specialized subsidiaries, each renowned in their field - Television Distribution, Theatrical Distribution, and Film Production. We are constantly growing and looking for new partners and content for either Poland or an international market. We believe that the best results are gained thanks to co-operations and partnerships.



We offer a wide range of services in Film Production.

Our company has many years experience in producing TV productions as well as cooperating in Feature Film productions. We have our own film crew in Poland, which is fully capable of creating a TV production from a basic idea, to a pilot and in the end to a final production.


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Berlin (EFM), 9-17 February 2017

Marche du film: 17-26 May 2017

AFM 1-8 November 2017


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